Name: City of Houston Type: Passenger-freighter
Date Sunk: October 23, 1878 Cause: Foundered
Size (ft.): 290 x 33 x20 Tonnage: 1515
Propulsion: Coal-fired direct acting steam engine Location

Diving Depths: 95-100 ft.
Current: Slight to moderate.
Visibility: 30-60 feet
Summer Temperature: High 70s
Points of Interest: Lots of tropical fish life, a large steam engine, anchors, rudder and more artifacts than one can find in a lifetime.
Fish/Animal Life: An unusal number of angelfish and lots of other tropicals

Copyright © 1996 by Paul M. Hudy
Boiler Top of the engine
Remains of the wooden hull Spadefish Miscellaneous wreckage Angelfish inside the boiler
Looking towards the bow Two blades of the buried propeller

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