Source: Gentile, Gary, Shipwrecks of North Carolina: From Hatteras Inlet South, Gary Gentile Productions, 1993
Name: NORMANNIA Type: Freighter
Date Sunk: 1/17/24 Cause: Foundered
Size (ft.): 312 x 45 x 20 Tonnage: 2,654 tons
Propulsion: Coal-fired steam Location N33° 51.552'/W77° 09.373'

Diving Depths: 90-110 ft.
Current: slight to moderate
Visibility: Usually in excess in 60 feet
Summer Temperature:low 80s in summer
Points of Interest: Intact bow and stern with high relief; two boilers, engine; rudder and propeller and spare propeller; port and starboard anchors;
Fish/Animal Life: The usually NC marine animals inhabit this wreck - amberjacks, spadefish, baitfish and barracudas. This wreck also seems to be inhabited with many species which inhabit more tropical waters - angelfish, lobster, african pampano, hogfish, etc.
Description:The Normannia is one of the prettiest wrecks off of North Carolina. Generally, it lies on it keel and is contiguous. The bow and stern are relatively intact and provide the greatest relief. The middle section is flat and open. The wreck site is easy to navigate on and wreck can be covered in one dive with a little bit of concentration. Old bottles are still being found at various parts of this wreck.

Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995 by Paul M. Hudy
Engine and boilers Rick and Hank on the bow
Engine Bow Joe comes out of the stern Boiler detail
Spare propeller Windless and wreckage, aft of engine
Rudder and propeller Starboard anchor, bow

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