Source: Gentile, Gary, Shipwrecks of North Carolina: From Diamond Shoals North, Gary Gentile Productions, 1993
Name: NORTHEASTERN Type: tanker
Date Sunk: 3/17/1942 Cause: Torpedoed by U-124
Size (ft.): 400 x 52 x 28 Tonnage: 5106 tons
Propulsion: Oil-fired steam Location: LORAN: 26886.9/40274.7
SHIP HISTORY; (Gentile, Hickam, Hoyt, Moore)
By coincidence of timing and common purpose, in the late afternoon of March 17th, the Kassandra Louloudis found itself in a informal grouping of ships approaching the Diamond Shoals. The group included the Kassandra, the tankers Acme, and Gulf Dawn. Ag 1650 EWT, the master of the Kassandra, Captain Themistokles Mitlas, was watching the Acme, when suddenly the stern of the Acme exploded. Mitlas ordered ship to full power and started toward the Diamond Shoals light bouy in a zig-zag course. The Kassandra continued westward, close to shore, passing within 3 miles of the bouy. Suddenly, the dark silhouette of a periscope was spotted off of her port side followed quickly by the bubble trails of two torpedoes. The Kassandra successfully avoided the first torpedo, but the second hit an empty hold on the port side. The explosion knocked out the steering gear and the sea poured in the gaping hole. Mitlas ordered "abandon ship" and was successful in getting his entire crew safely in lifeboats. The Coast Guard Cutter Dione added the survivors of the Kassandra to the already rescued crew of the Acme.

Diving Depths: 70 ft.
Current: similar to the Australia
Visibility: similar to the Australia
Summer Temperature: similar to the Australia
Points of Interest: n/a
Fish/Animal Life: similar to the Australia
Description: I have not yet dived the Kassandra Louloudis. Given it's close proximity to the wreck of the Australia, I would suspect diving conditions would be very similar.

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