Name: ALEXANDER RAMSEY Type: Liberty Ship-dry cargo
Date Sunk: 1974? Cause: Artificial Reef Program
Size (ft.): Length = 441 x 57 x 37.3 ft. Gross Tonnage: 7191
Propulsion: Triple Expansion, oil-fired steam Location
Construction & Misc. Notes The ship was built by the Permanente Metals Corporation, Yard No. 2, in Richmond, California. This yard has the distinction of holding the record for the fastest built liberty ship--some 4 days 15 hours, from keel-laying to launch. (It took another 3 days to completely outfit the record-holding Robert E. Peary.)

Source: L.A. Sawyer and W.H. Mitchell, The Liberty Ships, 2nd Edition, Lloyd's of London Press, Ltd., 1985


Diving Depths: 50+ ft. bottom
Visibility: n/a
Current: n/a
Summer Temperature: n/a
Points of Interest: n/a
Fish/Animal Life: n/a
Description: I have never dived this wreck. When sunk as artificial reefs, most, if not all of the liberty ships were cut down to at least to the upper deck level, thus removing all of the superstructure and other "interesting" parts. Others were cut down to only 15 feet above the keel! I suspect the Ramsey is no exception. There are also several other structures sunk around this site between 1970-84 including: 100 ft. unnamed tug, a 120 ft. tug, the Sicony 8, a 105 ft. tug, the Stone Brothers, two 90 foot barges and one 135 ft. barge.

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