Name: George Weems Type: Wooden hulled freighter
Date Sunk: May 20, 1909 Cause: Fire
Size (ft.): 148 x 26 x 10 Tonnage: 234
Propulsion: Coal-fired steam Location

Diving Depths: 40-45 ft.
Current: Being in the shoals, I would suspect it is subject to strong current and wave action
Visibility: 0-30 feet. I would wager that it is usually worse than better.
Summer Temperature: High 70s
Points of Interest: Boilers, propeller, anchors and engine. Bronze and brass spikes have been recovered from this wreck.
Fish/Animal Life: Lots of small grouper, angelfish, triggerfish and schools of spadefish.
Description: I dove this wreck for the first time in August, 1996, approximately one month after Hurricane Bertha. The viz was less than 10 feet and I may have missed something, but there just doesn't appear to be much here. This could be one of those "shoal wrecks" that cover and uncover with the shifting sand bottom. The wreck appears to be in a line, with small sand gaps between the bow (anchors) and the stern (propeller). The highest relief and most substantial part of the wreck is offered by the boilers (2?) and the engine. Some of the divers on our trip recovered large brass and bronze spikes which apparently used to buid the ship.

Copyright © 1996 by Paul M. Hudy
Boiler Top of the engine
Remains of the wooden hull Spadefish Miscellaneous wreckage Angelfish inside the boiler
Looking towards the bow Two blades of the buried propeller

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