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North Carolina Shipwrecks
The shipwrecks off of North Carolina are a unique and non-renewable resource that are in a constant state of change. The natural forces that work on North Carolina's barrier islands are also working on our shipwrecks. In many cases, the shipwrecks are the end result of the most extreme of those natural forces, while in other instances, the shipwrecks are the result of the most violent forces created by man.

For the divers who visit them today, the wreck sites provide the foundation for a sensitive ecosystem of incredible diversity and beauty. It is easy to forget that they were initially born as a scene of destruction, sacrifice, injury and death.

Please care for them as an ecosystem, respect them as a gravesite, and protect them as our heritage.

Statistics, photos, and descriptions of diving on the following wrecks:

Oregon Inlet Area
Cape Hatteras Area
Cape Lookout Area
Cape Fear Area
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